A premier locality which blends the traditional with the modern, Carnegie Shopping Centre will allure you with its tranquil and community-oriented aura.

Approximately 12 kilometres south-east of Melbourne CBD, the Carnegie Shopping Centre sprawls over 200 shops and services running from Neerim Road to Dandenong Road.

In this rather communal atmosphere, you will find everything from fresh food to handcrafted jewellery, from the latest fashion to wedding dresses, from Italian deli products to fantastically unique and unusual handcrafted gifts and home-ware shops.

The Carnegie Shopping Centre is your community centre where you can choose from over hundred stores that fall under the food & drink, beauty & hair and professional services category. Spend your day shopping, fashion-spotting or simply looking for specifics. Carnegie Shopping Centre offers a variety of shopping stores with alternative and latest fashion. Not only that, you can also find nifty trade services to cover all of those DIY jobs around the house.

Browsing through the precinct might take you a whole day. Never fear, however, as the beauty salons with a wide price range will have you relaxed for the trip home.

It’s amazing that Carnegie now has the four big banks all in one place. You don’t have to go anywhere else to manage your finances – it is all right here.

What is unique is the feeling of safety, community and family that Carnegie Shopping Centre offers. The beautiful and colourful mosaics throughout the street render the centre exclusive. The long-kept and cherished traditions give you the sensation of walking through a village where everyone is welcome and everyone is important; you are not just a customer but you are a friend and most of all you are part of the community.

It is our guarantee that at Carnegie Shopping Centre people of all ages and cultures will always find what they are after, without the stress of finding a car park or hurrying out to top up the parking meter, getting lost in a shopping maze or having lunch at a fast food outlet. The centre is a vibrant and rich community place where shopping is made easier, giving you more time to enjoy your day, your time, your life.



Carnegie Main Street is a thriving Business district that has been in operation since since the early 1900s, and is the unofficial centre of Carnegie itself. The district covers a large area, with shops starting on the corners of Dandenong Road, running down Koornang Road past the intersecting Neerim Road.

Originally called Rosstown, the area wasn’t named Carnegie until 1909. Earlier, in 1875 William Ross began circulating a broadsheet proposal which detailed the Rosstown project: a large scale sugar beet processing mill, a railway line to serve it and a residential estate, named after him on the edge of the metropolis between Melbourne and the town of Oakleigh. Although he began building the mill, it never began production, and the Rosstown Railway he constructed was never used.

However, the estate sold well and gradually Rosstown had grown to a reasonable size aided by the opening of the railway to Melbourne in 1879. Carnegie Post Office opened on 1 September 1911. Carnegie was originally part of the City of Caulfield and by the 1920s it had a substantial commercial area. The Carnegie theatre was, in the 1930s, a popular cinema.