Back to the Movies at Carnegie

Glen Eira cinemas – 2 To the movies . . . in Carnegie and Glen Huntly by Maggie Armstrong (courtesy of the Glen Eira Historical Society)

In Melbourne in the late 1950s, as television became more popular with more people purchasing sets, some people were saying TV was just a fad. However, many suburban cinemas were closing as a result of dwindling attendances. The picture theatres were very popular in Glen Eira judging by the number of theatres operating. If you were living in Carnegie, there were a few cinemas to choose from.

The Carnegie theatre was located in Woorayl Street. It was built in 1920, operated as a theatre, then was used as an ice/roller skating rink for a few years in the 30s and then reopened again as a cinema operated by Hoyts. It closed permanently in 1959. The actual building is still there but is to be developed and apartments to be built. An older theatre in Carnegie located in Rosstown Road operated in the Memorial Hall but only as a silent picture theatre between 1915 until 1934. This is now the home of the Abel Tasman Dutch Club. On the Glen Huntly Road and Manchester Grove corner, where Woolworths is now located, there was Hoyts Glenhuntly theatre which was built in 1926.

It closed for a short time in the 1940s after a fire but reopened a few months later. It eventually closed permanently in 1958.  All of these theatres operated with one screen – very different to the multiplexes of today.

Bentleigh Hoyts Bentleigh 1926–1984

Carnegie Memorial 1915–1934

Rosstown 1915–1934

Carnegie 1920–1959